Reviews & Testimonials

Reviews from our Students & Healing Patients

Dear Hardesh & Supriti, Thank you so very much for opening a wonderful, colorful, energetic & self healing part of my life. I come in to class knowing nothing. Expect fool of feeling that I should be here & I am coming out this class full of knowledge & energy & power & clean positive thoughts & a new strength & clean mind to continue this journey of life. The experience that you have provided & opened to me are amazing & words can not describe hoe powerful this is. You are both exceptional teacher, full of knowledge & the will to share. You pass on all of this n such a kind loving & spiritual way that makes this class a life time experience. Thank you & all my love.. I will be thinking of you daily! Michal Nistar from Israel
Hi Masters, I had psycho surgery 2 days ago & I feel the effect will take some time & settle completely in my body. I feel this way a very positive experience & I am looking forward to letting the full effect integrate. After the first session I had a lightness a fresh my body, I had no tension in leaving, but at the same time I was grounded, present and aware of my body. My mind also was very peaceful. I have had a sore left shoulder for 5 years & I felt after the second session a correction in my rib cage which I feel in time will correct my shoulder. I loved Supriti’s energy, open heart & healing spirit. It was a very fun & cleansing experience. Rebecca jean
Thank you Asho, Asho’s is an open heart place that welcomes you with love and warms arms to a beautiful and most of the times hidden world. Here be are able to learn that magic is always with us, that everything is possible if we desire. I am learning this plus with more hope then before, more self confidence an a sweet smile in my face……I feel capable to keep discovering more and more awaking things. Supriti and Hardesh are both very nice trust-able person with whom I don’t want to loose contact. About psycho surgery Psycho surgery has helped me to get move in comet with myself, be more aware, to get forgave and realize that I have so much love in my self that I can not wasting time. With psycho surgery garbage. I feel clean and healthy to keep growing more, much better. Thank you to you both with loves Paulina
Hello Hardesh & Supriti, I had no idea when I walked into Asho,s what was going to happened. I was away and amazed at the power, love, the depth of knowledge that lay in this walls. I experience so much in such a short amount of time. I will not look at we the same way. I believe everyone should try and experience these techniques truly altering. Thank Supriti and Hardesh With love and in full faith Erin da roza
Hello, This full course is the most amazing thing I ever did and every thing seems so easy and logic to understand. I wanted to get rid of my glasses that I have bear used for 6 years. Now after one month there is a big improvement. I cannot see fully yet but I have no need to bear them any more. Form my heart I wish you the best luck in the future. I will miss you both and all the fun we had in classes. I will see you again in couple of years. Rosemarie

Hi Both,

Thank you Supriti & Hardesh for teaching me & showing me how powerful the mind is & how much can be done with the right intention & practice.

Thank you Supriti,
Your motherly warmth relished lot of stress and tension in me and made me confident to use this powerful energy mother nature is giving us.

Thank you Hardesh,
Through your profound knowledge & the program you developed I have experience deep meditation. May you both keep up the good work & be happy & healthy for many years to come. So that many people can profit from your wisdom & experience.

Andrea from Germany