Healing Courses & Workshops

Healing Courses & Workshops at Maa Asho Institute

Healing is manipulation of energy from patient energy body. A healer extracts out sick energy from organs of patient and project fresh prana (vital energy). Once you have mastered the healing techniques then most of diseases can be healed with prana or prevented.

We have Residential & Non Residential courses.  In these non residential workshops one need to attend them for 3 hours per day in the institute. Rest of the day they are free to practice the assigned homework and enjoy their stay as they like. The full course takes 2 months including 8 holidays. One is free to attend one workshop or as many as they like to attend out of 10 workshops. After each completed workshop we give a certificate of participation. After these workshops one can practice the techniques on themselves or others.

Certification of Courses

After completion of each course and going through practical examination, healers are certified by the Master Healers who are certified teacher’s educators from Govt. of India since 1973.

Workshop 1 : Basic Healing & Chakra Meditation

Duration : 6 days / 3 hrs daily – level 1 (A)

Price : INR 9700/- Per Person
(Couple Discount 10% | Group upto 6 person Discount 20%)

basic healing and chakra meditation course

Every new healer who wish to be a healer should start from the Basic healing & Chakra meditation. We have a physical body that can be seen by everybody. This physical body is all around surrounded by an aura or energy body. In Hindi this is known as Abha in Hebrew “Hila” and in esoteric science Bio- plasmic body or etheric double. Few of our ancestors around the world were clairvoyants and they declared about aura but we did not believe it. In last century lot of research was done world wide and also technically.

From this aura photography we can diagnose inner organs conditions. You can be photographed or can be scanned after sensitization of your hand chakra. This is more reliable then aura photography. Any trained healer even in basic healing techniques can scan your aura and chakras (energy centers). Chakra is controller of your internal organs. In basic healing techniques healers learn how to diagnose anatomical problems through chakra’s congestion or depletion. In any temporary or chronic disease, Chakra will never be found normal.

Disease first appears in aura and chakra and if this is not corrected they manifest in physical body. For example heart problems appears approximately five years before in chakras. Then suddenly medical science tells a patient that he has blockage in coronary arteries. Many such disease can be prevented in your life if you practice basic healing techniques. If you are regular in your practice they can be treated also in the due course. In basic healing techniques we learn chakra meditation also. Daily chakra meditation strengthens and enhances your aura from 12 centimeters to 1 or 2 meters. This prevents you not only from lower and negative energy of other people but also strengthen your healing techniques.

Brief Description
    1. Details of Aura (energy body) charkas (energy centers) nadies (energy channels)
    2. How your Aura is related to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health
    3. How to scan and diagnose the aura and chakras for illness
    4. How to manipulate energy balance chakras and heal disease in oneself and others
    5. How to meditate by controlling your breath and balance your chakras.
Benefits of the course
    1. You can give healing to yourself and others
    2. Save lots of money on medical bills
    3. Avoid chemical medicines when you are ill
    4. Prevent chronic & acute diseases in your life
    5. Guide others in how to reduce their suffering
    6. Powerful way of meditation

Workshop 2 : Chromo Healing (Meditative healing with colors)

Duration : 6 days / 3 hrs daily | Level 3

Price : INR 12,000/- Per Person
(Couple Discount 10% | Group upto 6 person Discount 20%)

After completion of workshop I anyone can attend it. In color healing one can learn how color energy of Sun is projected.

Three type of prana (energy), vayu prana (air energy), surya prana (sun energy), and bhoo prana, (ground energy) are made of white prana (white vital energy). White prana has red, orange, yellow, blue, green, and violet prana in it. In color healing we meditate and absorb   specific color from white prana and project it for effective cleaning and energizing techniques. Techniques are more potent and help in healing chronic cases in less time. Different color energy has different properties. In beginning of this workshop the initiation meditation helps to develop more visualization of colors with closed eyes. It is a special technique which helps you to feel the color energy more easily.

Color meditation for the chakras and its numbers of petals present gives the idea of the structure of the chakras how it looks and works. In any ailment color of petals of any chakras may fade, grayish or even black. In color healing how the color energy is projected. In this second level of healing more understanding of movement of chakras can be understood by advance scanning. In color healing different colors are used for cleaning chakras and the technique of cleaning chakras are taught. The movement of chakras can be controlled by projecting specific color while healing..

In color healing you will learn how to measure the spiritual growth of a healer or a meditater. How to meditate to enhance your aura along with mouth size of chakra is a miraculous experience in the workshop. In color healing you will learn how to prepare chromo therapeutic energized water to be used by patients as natural medicine.

In color healing healers will also learn how to do mass divine healing in presence or distant divine healing, healing of mother earth and meditation for world peace.

Brief Description (You’ll learn)
    1.  Properties of natural colors in healing
    2. Meditation to develop color visualization
    3. Meditation techniques or projection of colors
    4. Advance techniques of scanning, cleaning and energizing
    5. Preparation and uses of chromo therapeutic energized water
    6. Advance healing techniques
    7. Divine healing & distant divine healing etc.
Benefits of the course
    1. Heal chronic & acute diseases in less time permanently
    2. Diagnose diseases by change of colors in chakras
    3. Heal several patients in single season etc.
    4. Instantaneous healing of fresh wounds
    5. Techniques to heal more serious cases like cancer

Workshop 3. Psycho Healing

Duration : 5 days / 3 hrs daily | Level 5

Price : INR 16,000/- Per Person
(Couple Discount 10% | Group upto 6 person Discount 20%)

psycho healing courses in dharamshala, india

Anyone can attend it after completion of Ist and IInd workshops

Each chakras control some of the psycho function. In psycho healing you learn the structure of chakras and how it is affected by accumulation of negative energy created by own mind or affected by others in different ways. When anybody narrates their bitter experience of their life, your mind is affected by that and it influences your chakra negatively. Protective web of the chakra becomes weaker. You learn in psycho healing how to make your protective web stronger by chakra meditation.

You also experience in psycho healing how to scan your protective web and how you will feel when it gets impregnated by negative energy. In psycho healing you learn how to repair the protective web when it gets ruptured. We can not change the people around us. We are surrounded by different type of negative people who influence our aura and chakra in a negative way continuously. Some times your parents or children are very negative and the beautiful relationship becomes bitter. In psycho healing you learn techniques of psychic self defense by chakra meditation.

You also learn how to do room designing for your self to create more peace and relaxation. Your room is very important because you spend your relaxing time in it. You need to decorate your room in such a way that it has soothing effect on your aura and chakras. Psycho healing is a course which helps you to understand other people around you more and increase your tolerance power. Psycho healing gives you power to live happily in odd circumstances without being affected emotionally or mentally. After learning this course your whole attitude towards life changes. You start thinking positive about life.

Brief Description (You’ll learn)
    1. The chakras and their psychological functions.
    2. Meditation to make chakras and protective web stronger related to psycho functions.
    3. Room designing and Psycho healing.
    4. Psychic self defense.
    5. Improving self image etc.
Benefits of the course
You can prevent / cure from :
    1. Stress, Irritability, Grief, Hysteria, Phobias, Addictions, Depressions, Violence, Restlessness, Hallucination & Suicidal Tendencies etc.

Workshop 4. Crystal Healing

Duration : 6 days / 3 hrs daily | Level 7
One should attend this workshop after Basic & Color healing workshop.

Price : INR 16,000/- Per Person
(Couple Discount 10% | Group upto 6 person Discount 20%)

Crystal and gems play very important role in healing. Healing power of crystals is due to their chemical constitution, gravitational and power to impart suitable color radiation for healing. Crystals are like rechargeable batteries. As the crystal has no will, therefore they can be programmed to do healing for all type of physical and psychological diseases as well as for following purpose.

    1. To save your house, business premises or any place from lower and negative energy of others.
    2. To extract, absorb, disintegrate and expel any kind of sickness.
      for psychic self defence.
    3. To neutralize psychic impression acquired in this life.
    4. To enhance love, compassion, understanding in any kind of relationship.
    5. It will help you to find your true soul mate.
    6. A crystal pyramid will help you to increase your sale and prosperity.
    7. They can be programmed to enhance your healing powers.
    8. A programmed crystal can protect you from carpal tunnel syndrome, vision syndrome and harmful electro-magnetic radiation of computer, mobile phones and televisions
    9. After programming its value increases many fold so it is a good business for healers.

To do this workshop one has to go through basic healing, color healing, psycho healing workshops. In crystal workshops you need to buy only clear quartz crystals. We can turn them to function as diamond, ruby, emerald, yellow or blue sapphire, pearl, coral, rose quartz..

After the workshop you can also program any jewellery or any other gems stone to amplify its healing power. Programmed clear quartz crystal reduces the workload of healer. You can sale crystal pyramids to your clients and just teach them how to use them for their self healing.

Brief Description (You’ll learn)
    1. The Properties of crystal.
    2. How to clean, energize and use them in healing.
    3. Using color crystal in healing.
    4. How to use crystal for self defense.
Benefits of the course
    1. You can clean stubborn energies easily & faster.
    2. Heal more patients in less time & less effort.

Workshop 5. Healing with Indian Sounds & Mantras

Duration : 5 days / 3 hrs daily
Old as well as New Meditators can join this course directly.

Price : INR 9700/- Per Person
(Couple Discount 10% | Group upto 6 person Discount 20%)

healing with sound course in dharamsala, india

In this workshop practitioners will learn how to heal themselves with Nada yog (Indian healing sounds along with Indian asanas, pranayama and chakra meditation.) eg. How to activate chakra with various mantra chanting in healing.

In this course, you will learn how to solve problems of :

    1. Gastro – Intestinal ailments
    2. Heart & Lung ailments
    3. Bones, Skin problems
    4. Urino-Genital problems
    5. Impotency & Infertility
    6. Ulcers
    7. Headache & Migrane
    8. Backache
    9. Developing peace and harmony in life
    10. How to knit better relationships and much more..

Workshop 6. Taoist Healing Sounds

Duration : 5 days / 3 hrs daily
Old as well as New Meditators can join this course directly.

Price : INR 12,500/- Per Person
(Couple Discount 10% | Group upto 6 person Discount 20%)

healing courses in dharamshala

This workshop is fusion of Indian Chakra meditation, Taoist Chikung and Taichi. Taichi are physical excercises to balance Chi (energy) in all internal organs along with chikung (practice of breathing).

Healing sounds are performed to neutralize the effect of various negative and lower emotions, which in turn are responsible for origin of various diseases of heart, lungs, kidney, spine, joints, skins and reproductive organs. Taoist practices are now well known for prolonging life span.

For this type of life style, they said :

    1. Don’t go to extreme of any emotion because this will drain your Chi (energy), this is specially true in old age.
    2. Daily do Chi kung and Tai Chi.

Through the course take about 3 months to complete, the Taoist practices it to make a healer emotionally stable, we have condensed it 6 days.

Workshop 7. Shakti Yoga & Dhayana (Power Yoga & Meditation)

Duration : 6 days – level 1 | Sounds are from Chinese Taoist Yoga & Chi Kung and Indian Hatha Yoga

Price : INR 12,500/- Per Person
(Couple Discount 10% | Group upto 6 person Discount 20%)

power yoga course in dharamsala, indiaAny person can join this course directly.

Some features of this workshop:

    1. Power poses of Shakti Ananas are taught to make ones body flexible.
    2. How to meditate on major and monor chakras after each Shakti Asanas
    3. Pranayama & meditation on Chakras for awakening & taming Kundalini
    4. Practice of Bandhas (locking energy) at Chakras to heal yourself
    5. How to protect oneself from Kundalini syndrome
    6. How to convert Sex energy into spiritual one and vice versa
    7. How to teach these techniques to your patients for faster recovery.


Workshop 8. Healing with Mudras

Duration : 6 days / 3 hrs daily | Level 8

Price : INR 12,500/- Per Person
(Couple Discount 10% | Group upto 6 person Discount 20%)

mudra healing course, healing with udras course

The sanskrit word mudra means gesture or attitude. The word mudra is made up of two words mud and dru. Mud means pleasure and dru means draw forth. Mudra or gestures are integral part of yogasana (poses or slow body movement) pranayama (breathing exercises ), dhayana (meditation ) and Samadhi (feeling oneness with universe) Mudra are performed by tongue, eyes, head, nose, hands, sex organs and anus. In our conscious world we mostly loose energy through above organs, thus we exhaust our self. By performing only mudras dissipating energy can be brought back to organs.

By visualization techniques all most all chakra can be activated and organs can be charged with fresh prana. The hatha yoga pradipika (a authentic text on yoga) consider mudra to be yoganda. A special branch of yoga which focus on flow of prana from mudra towards activation of different hormones glands. By reactivating different hormones glands we can improve the function of all most all organs.

Most of the time we talk about ecological balance and global warming. We need a balance between earth, water, air, space, heat and cold. When this balance is lost we say it ecological imbalance. Now whole world is worried about global warming. In this universe there is always constant struggle to keep this balance out body and mind obtain all the five elements from nature. The five elements from this nature are Agni (fire), vayu (air), akasha (space), prithvi (earth) and jal (water). When any of the above element is in imbalance (in excess or less). We suffer from some disease.

The whole medical system whether allopathy, homeopathy, ayurveda or any other practice is concerned to bring this imbalance to balance. Different mudra practices balances these five elements sooner than other systems and patient can come out from most of diseases. Mudra can be performed for any disease during yogasana, pranayama, bandha, dhayana. If an infant or a bed ridden person is suffering from some disease, a healthy person can make mudras of hands for such person and the healing process starts e.g. an infant is crying with ear ache, aksha mudra can relive pain in few minutes.

Mudra can be performed any time any where without yogasana even while watching t.v., studying, eating, walking, in offices for desired results. It is a boon to heart patients. Haridaya mudra when performed it immediately supply tremendous amount of oxygen to coronary arteries of heart and heart attack can be stopped and further blockages can be totally removed within a month or two. Any kind of joint pain (arthritis) can be healed within few months with regular practice. There are mudra for improving memory and concentration, for improving height and improving physical strengthen. Most of the Gastro urine genital problem can be healed only by mudra alone. Mudra plays important role in spiritual development. This is a divine gift to human being.

Brief Description (You’ll learn)
    1. How to make gestures from eyes, tongue, hands, anus and sex organs.
    2. How to meditate and activate your chakras to heal your organs and systems.
Benefits of the course
You can heal yourself from :
    1. Headaches, migraines low or high BP, Arthritis, back problems cervical or lumbar spondolysis, ashtama, eyes problem, hormonal imbalance etc.
    2. All the psychological chronic disease which occurs due to psychological factors such as migraine to cancer etc.

Workshop 9. Clairvoyant Course

Duration : 1 day / 3 hrs | Level 9

Price : INR 6,000/- Per Person

Any type of healer who works with chakras can do this course.

This meditation ultimately helps you to be a strong and efficient healer. It helps to increase your power of concentration. We do not claim that by doing one day course you will become clairvoyant. During the course we teach you the techniques of 6 meditations. There is a particular time to do this clairvoyant meditation and you are supposed to do this meditation only for 7 minutes in a day on specific time. You need to follow strictly the instruction and the technique of the meditation as taught by the healer.

Regularity is must in doing clairvoyant meditation. All the meditation done by open eyes. You need to start from first meditation and when you reach the perfection stage then only you may shift to 2nd .clairvoyant meditation without reaching to perfection stage you cannot start the next meditation. The success in the meditation depends on your regularity and commitment. Strong will power is required to do clairvoyant meditation. After doing this clairvoyant course and doing meditation regularly one may achieve the power to see the color of aura and chakras during healing. Manipulate colors of petals of chakras for perfect healing.

The power will help the healer to heal complicated cases in easy manner. Please note that irregularity or being dishonest in any way with yourself or with others may not develop this faculty of clairvoyance

Brief Description (You’ll learn)
    1. Learn how to meditate to see aura, chakras and their colors.
Benefits of the course
    1. You will be able to see aura and chakras (Conditions apply)

Workshop 10. Psychic-Surgery Workshop

Duration : 5 day / 3 hrs daily | Level 6

Price : INR 51,000/- Per Person
(Couple Discount 10% | Group upto 6 person Discount 20%)

(whoever wants to learn the technique of doing psychic-surgery first they need to experience 5 days psychic-surgery treatment separately)

Many of our disease comes to us from our fore-fathers due to their karmas. Karmas may be good or bed. For example- in our last seven generation some one was suffering form extreme of anger, hatered or revengeful mind, nobody tried to remove that behaviour amongst our ancestors. Same pattern of behavior will be repeated generation after generation. Nobody is happy and peaceful with this type of behavior. This is an example of inherited karmas. Others are acquired karmas which we create consciously when we interact with people around us. For example to earn money some people may go for any kind of torture to others. This is acquired karmas. Such people get severe chronic physical or psychological disease in their life time. In brief what we sow that we reap. This is karma.

In psychic-surgery workshop one learns how to remove their karmic factors to take the person out from any chronic physical or psychological disease. In psychic-surgery workshop the healer learns to take the person out from karmic disease by performing 5 sessions of surgery as follows.

Brief Description (You’ll learn)
    1. How to neutralize the past life karmas
    2. How to help the patients to get permanent relief from suffering in their present life
    3. How to convert a negative person mind to a positive one.
    4. How to help the patient get relief from chronic diseases..
Benefits of the course
You will heal:

1. All psychological problem inherited from past life