Distant Divine Healing

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Distant Divine Healing

World wide healing service for any Sickness

How to register ?

Place your particulars and a passport sized photograph, along with details of any problem that you are suffering from, on a short statement of consent to be part of this service, in the Divine healing register. These details can also be emailed (ashohealing@gmail.com).

Consultation Fees

INR 1100/- one session

Time of receiving?

5:45 a.m – 6:30 a.m Indian Standard time. If this fails at a time when you would normally be sleeping or at work, either say the receiving prayer before sleeping and thanks giving prayer on waking. Or take a moment from work to say the prayers.

Sit in receiving pose, anywhere in the World

Sit comfortably with your back and head straight, tongue placed behind teeth on the roof of mouth and hand at sides with palms facing upwards.

Prayer before receiving

“Mother Nature, you are the source and fountain of all life. I humbly invoke for your divine blessings and divine healing energy. I fully accept your divine healing energy with thanks and with full faith” – 3 times.

If you are of a specific religious belief than you can use the name of your God in place of Mother Nature.


Visualize your healer for a few minutes and then your own body, head to feet during entire healing session.

After receiving, do the thanks giving prayer

“Thank you Mother Nature for healing me physically, mentally, emotionally and aesthetically with thanks and full faith ” – 3 times.

Receive this service daily until your problems are over…

When you feel the benefits of this service, please spread the word in any way that you can as written articles, word of mouth etc.. Donations will be gratefully received and passed on to worthy causes. If you are receiving this service from another part of the world and would like to make a donation, please do so to a worthy and registered charity of your choice near you.