Basic Healing & Chakra Meditation

Workshop 1 : Basic healing & Chakra Meditation

Price & Duration : 6 days / 3 hrs daily – level 1 (A)

Brief Description

Details of Aura (energy body) charkas (energy centers) nadies (energy channels).
How your Aura is related to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.
How to scan and diagnose the aura and chakras for illness.
How to manipulate energy balance chakras and heal disease in oneself and others.
How to meditate by controlling your breath and balance your chakras.

Benefits of the course

You can give healing to yourself and others
Save lots of money on medical bills
Avoid chemical medicines when you are ill
Prevent chronic & acute diseases in your life
Guide others in how to reduce their suffering
Powerful way of meditation

Every new healer who wish to be a healer should start from the Basic healing & Chakra meditation. We have a physical body that can be seen by everybody. This physical body is all around surrounded by an aura or energy body. In Hindi this is known as Abha in Hebrew “Hila” and in esoteric science Bio- plasmic body or etheric double. Few of our ancestors around the world were clairvoyants and they declared about aura but we did not believe it. In last century lot of research was done world wide and also technically.

From this aura photography we can diagnose inner organs conditions. You can be photographed or can be scanned after sensitization of your hand chakra. This is more reliable then aura photography. Any trained healer even in basic healing techniques can scan your aura and chakras (energy centers). Chakra is controller of your internal organs. In basic healing techniques healers learn how to diagnose anatomical problems through chakra’s congestion or depletion. In any temporary or chronic disease, Chakra will never be found normal.

Disease first appears in aura and chakra and if this is not corrected they manifest in physical body. For example heart problems appears approximately five years before in chakras. Then suddenly medical science tells a patient that he has blockage in coronary arteries. Many such disease can be prevented in your life if you practice basic healing techniques. If you are regular in your practice they can be treated also in the due course. In basic healing techniques we learn chakra meditation also. Daily chakra meditation strengthens and enhances your aura from 12 centimeters to 1 or 2 meters. This prevents you not only from lower and negative energy of other people but also strengthen your healing techniques.