About Maa Asho Intitute

Maa Asho Institute of Chakra Healing & Meditation

About Maa Asho Healing Institute

Situated in the heritage and tourist place of Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India, the institute was established by Master Hardesh and Supriti (former Science Consultant). The Masters have been teaching since 1972 after graduating in Biology and Education. To date they have taught more than 10,000 students in different facilities of education including Yoga, Dhayana (Meditation) and healing with Bio-energy.

Their teaching is based on Vedic sciences and the latest research from esoteric sciences. Healing techniques are pre-tested on thousands of patients, you only need to learn and apply them without any side effects. Asho Institute has trained healers for 53 countries till date. Our healers are using Pranayog healing techniques from ancient India for either healing themselves or professionally healing others.

Be a professional teacher with our healing courses and earn around the world ..

Why should you choose Maa Asho
  • Asho teacher’s are master Biologists, Educationalist and Yogis.
  • They have been teaching since 1973 and are experienced teachers.
  • Their teaching is based on research, facts and figures, not just on faith.
  • They are former registered & licensed teachers from Govt. of India.
Can i become a healer ?

Yes, irrespective of religion, caste, sex or education anybody can become a healer. The only requirement is that they be physically healthy (no chronic or acute illness), mentally and emotionally sound with an aptitude of learning how to heal without chemical medicines. In the case of chronic or acute illness, a person should first take advance healing before attending workshops.

Objectives of the Institute

  • To spread holistic healing philosophy and techniques worldwide.
  • To save people from the harmful effects of chemicals and medicines.
  • To teach people that everyone has a dormant healer within and train them to awaken this talent through workshops.
  • To help people save money on medical bills.
  • Prevention and cure of chronic and acute illness without side effects.