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Welcome to Maa Asho Institute of Chakra Healing & Meditation, at Dharamshala, India.

Maa Asho healing center is situated in the heritage and tourist place of Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India. The institute was established by Master Hardesh and Supriti (former Science Consultant).  The Masters have been teaching since 1972 after graduating in Biology and Education. To date they have taught more than 10,000 students in different facilities of education including Yoga, Dhayana (Meditation) and healing with Bio-energy. Maa Asho Chakra Healing and Meditation Institute offers courses that are designed and taught on the basis of the Healer’s 42 years of experience in teaching and latest researches in yoga meditation techniques. The institute has courses for 3 days to 1 year. Please fill our form for a prior seat for the Course.

Healing Courses & Workshops by Maa Asho Institute

Maa Asho Institiue of Chakra Healing and meditation offers Two months courses in healing with Prana (vital energy) to be a professional healer. The courses offered are :

chakra healing course in dharamsala Chakra Healing 6 days / 3 hrs daily

color healing course in dharamsala Chromo Meditation 6 days / 3 hrs daily

psycho healing course in dharamsala Psycho Healing 5 days / 3 hrs daily

crystalhealing course in dharamsala Crystal Healing 6 days / 3 hrs daily

sound healing course in dharamsala Sound Healing 5 days / 3 hrs daily

toast healing course in dharamsala Taoist Healing 5 days / 3 hrs daily

power yoga and meditation course in dharamsala Power Yoga Meditation 6 days / 3 hrs daily

healing with mudras course in dharamsala Healing with Mudras 5 days / 3 hrs daily

Clairvoyant Course in dharamsala Clairvoyant Course 1 day / 3 hrs daily

Psychic-Surgery course in dharamsala Psychic – Surgery 5 days / 3 hrs daily

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Now offering…
Online Healing Courses & Consultations..

Not able to join us personally.. We also offer online Healing courses. Following Online courses and healing for physical and and psychological ailments available only on appointment

    Duration : 18 Hours 2 Hours daily
    Duration : 14 Hours 2 hours daily
    Appointment available for any physical or psychological ailments.
Call : +91 9882521700 Or +919816411820
Email :

Students will be given courses on Face Time or Messenger by Master Hardesh and Supriti.

Few words of praise from our students

Spiritual Healing at Maa Asho Institute

Spiritual healing assists in promoting inner peace and feeling of well being. The healers act as a condiment for healing energies to flow through the recipient. A relaxed state enhances recovery at the cellular level. Besides providing above 10 courses to be a professional healer, Master healers provide healing for most of physical and physiological ailments through aura and chakras without using any medicine.

Master Supriti is specialized in Physic Surgery. This treatment can help you to be free from inherited or acquired physiological problems. After five days of surgery, the follow up meditation is to be done regularly for 11 months as directed. If someone is already suffering from some physical problems it needs color healing too. Masters of this center give grantee for cure if instructions after the surgery are followed honestly and regularly as directed.